Mickleover FC Reserves will be playing their football next year in the Premier South Division of the Central Midlands League having gained promotion for leading their division when lockdown was announced. They were also due to feature in the final of the Derbyshire Divisional Cup for the 4th time in 5 years but unfortunately that competition was made void.

The reserves are managed by David Mackenzie and ably assisted by Aaron Hayes. D Mac has been with the reserves since being brought in by Dick Pratley from Belper Town. Aaron played in a successful U19 midweek team before moving to Derby Uni where he has developed excellent coaching skills under the watchful eyes of John McGrath. A good mix of grumpy experience to youthful exuberance.



by Peter Scherer

Mickleover Reserves fought back from an early red card, to take a hard earned three points away from their Central Midlands League South Division visit to Hilton Harriers.

Starting line-up: 1-Tom Smith 2-Larrel King 3-Tom Eccleshall 4-Marcus Calderone 5-Gus Williamson 6-Lopes Massampo 7-Louis Pennington 8-Surf Tefera 9-Jude Ayetine 10-Will Monteiro 11-Bobby Battisson.

It was a soft by playable pitch at the Mease and it was the home side that started the stronger, with Mickleover keeper Smith forced to save from a powerful early shot inside the opening minute.

Battisson then earned a free kick just outside the box, which was easily cleared by the Hilton defence, but the attacking prowess of Monteiro, Ayetine, Tefera and Battisson came to the fore.

Hilton however continued to look dangerous on the breaks, but Monteiro was almost on the end of a good move between Ayetine, Battisson and Tefera, just losing out in a one on one with Hilton keeper Wood.

But an attack from Hilton after nine minutes was to cost Mickleover dearly, when Calderone fouled a home striker just outside the box and was straight red carded.

Mickleover continued to push forward, despite being down to 10 men with a through ball from Battisson reaching Monteiro, who was inches offside.

It was to be Monteiro’s last active part in the game, as he was forced to make way for Matt Fuertado who slotted into the centre of the defence alongside skipper Williamson.

While Mickleover started to get used to their new shape, Hilton piled on the pressure, with a 16th minute shot following up from a corner, just wide for another corner, before a foul on Williamson broke up their attack.

Two minutes later a Hilton header was just wide, but the Mickleover defence was looking strong and wing backs King and Eccleshall were both able to start threatening runs.

The deadlock was broken however in the 24th minute when a good build up saw the ball switched from right to wide left, before Battisson was picked up in the centre for a decisive and clear shot into the Hilton net 1-0.

It was still end to end however and only a minute later Smith was beaten at full stretch from a cross, but there was no one on the receiving end and the danger was soon cleared.

Tefera managed to find Battisson again after 28 minutes, but the tricky teenager couldn’t find the space for a shot, as the Mickleover pressure continued.

As the half time whistle edged closer, it was Ayetine’s chance to go close, after he was clear facing the Hilton keeper, who easily collected the shot straight at him.

So despite being down to 10 men, Mickleover reached half time with both optimism and a one nil lead.

There were no changes for the second half but it started badly, with a poor clearance from Williamson putting Eccleshall under pressure, losing out to Hilton who shot just wide.

But 49 minutes in and a strong shot by the hosts hit the post before the rebound had Smith beaten 1-1.

The equaliser seemed to wake the Mickleover side up as almost from the kick off, Battisson was charging forward again, only to be tripped just outside the box.

Mickleover had earned another corner in the 50th minute, and the kick was well centred into the goal mouth, where Williamson climbed dominantly to head home for 2-1.

The attacks seemed to have more purpose as Sports began to look to secure the three points, and only a minute after the second goal Massampo had held the ball well only to be fouled on the edge of the box, but no free kick this time.

Both Massampo and Battisson had shots from outside the box saved, but keeping Hilton keeper Wood on his toes.

But it was so nearly a third when King’s run helped him get a cracking shot in from outside the box again, but with the keeper beaten it hit his left hand post.

Fin Barker replaced Ayetine after 76 minutes, but both sides continued to press, with Hilton missing out in a one on one when the shot was pulled wide.

But the third goal did come with three minutes of normal time remaining. Eccleshall came from the half way line and just kept running and running down the left flank, before cutting in solo to fire a perfect shot into the roof of the Hilton net, 3-1.

A good all round performance with three well taken goals, which now moves Mickleover to up fourth in the table, with games in hand against all of the teams above.


by Dave Mackenzie, Reserves Team Manager

On a cold winter’s afternoon we took the short trip along the A416 to Hilton, unless you were coming from the Alvaston area and then it would have been the A50. Due to the Covid the dressing room areas were out of bounds and the players had to get changed in their cars. Large Gus obviously isn’t used to these primitive surroundings and forgot he had been wearing his best friends tights last night and was still wearing them when he went out to warm up. 

This was the return fixture from 2 weeks ago when we ran out 2- 0 victors in a close fought encounter.

There were a couple of changes in the line-up with Louis Pennington and Stanley Matthews lookalike Bobby Battisson coming into to the starting 11. But the starting 11 would soon become the starting 10.

The game started well with the team putting together some crisp passing moves with Bobby B looking sharp and lively. 

The game changer happened on the 10 minute mark when Marcus Calderone was turned by the experienced James Rushby (ex Sports 1st team). Marcus did put an arm on James but he went down rather easily.

The following should be taken into consideration by the referee when making a decision as to the severity of the crime.

The following must be considered:

  • distance between the offence and the goal
  • general direction of the play
  • likelihood of keeping or gaining control of the ball
  • location and number of defenders

When I asked the referee at half time why Marcus was sent off he said and I quote “It was an easy decision because it matched the four criteria (above) The last two are the questionable ones – the ball was at least two yards away from the player so unlikely that he would gain control and Gus was behind and to the side so could have intervened.

Anyway he was sent off and we needed to make a change. Unfortunately for Will Monteiro who had started the game well, I decided that we should take him off as it would keep the team as a group more compact. Will’s pace is great at stretching teams and getting behind but given the length of time that we would have a man less I felt Jude would be the better option.

Despite the reduction in playing staff we took the lead with a well-constructed goal, finished with aplomb by Bobster Battisson( I call him Bobster as he is just like my daughters wee dug – never stops running and always wanting the ball) after shifting the ball to the side of a defender his crisply struck shot dipped like a Ronaldo free kick into the pokey!

At half time the message was to keep our shape and not leave gaps between the defence and midfield and allow them to play the ball out from their back four.

It worked really well for about six minutes when they got a foothold back in the game. A couple of sloppy passes let them get in what was a bit of a tame cross and after a stramash in the goalmouth it was all square.

Like any team with the man disadvantage, we were put under a lot of pressure but the back 8 dealt well with the pressure. At one point Gus Williamson even had the time to have a long distance chat with me!

We were still seemingly getting on the wrong end of refereeing decisions – apparently it’s okay to stamp on a players foot twice without getting a warning and then in the second half the same happened with the same player with the same result – he haw!

Sorry to use the F.A. Laws but the ref started it. There is misconception that if you get the ball it’s okay. 

“Any player who lunges at an opponent in challenging for the ball from the front, from the side or from behind using one or both legs, with excessive force or endangers the safety of an opponent is guilty of serious foul play.”

No mention of getting the ball!

At the edge of the box we had a player who just had one player to beat and he was for want of a better description, ‘wiped out’ by a tackle from the side. It is beyond my understanding how the referee allowed the play to carry on. 

However the best was still to come.

One of the things we try and install in the players is that at set pieces, if we have a plan and the opposition don’t know it, it is a great advantage. Of course it depends on great delivery and the ball put in by Louis, at pace between the penalty spot and six yard box was sublime. What made it, was the leap and the perfect connection by Gus Williamson to rocket a header into the net. If it wasn’t for the net the ball would have walloped one off Don Amott’s caravans!

Then in another attack Larell King beat a couple of players and whacked a great shot off the keepers right hand upright, the ball rebounded back to Jude who was central and with speed of thought – rather than put the ball in the net where they can get it back quickly I’ll blooter it as far as possible over the bar and far away!

Not since Long Eaton away last year have I seen a more sweetly stuck shot that came off the left boot of one Tom Eccleshall – having marauded down the left assisted by Loopy and Surf he strode into the box and from 16.34 yards unleashed “the beast” There is not a goalkeeper on this planet that would have saved it.

After that we had a couple of scares as Hilton continued to press but we held on t the 3-1 scoreline.

And now here’s the rub – I thought Gus equalised and Tom scored the winner!

Good to see Don Amott the head of Mickleover in attendance and to be fair there was a decent crowd, which included Archie Gemmill who would have loved the sticky surface although a bit like the Baseball Ground on the first day of the season.

Also good to see quite a few players with Hilton who I enjoyed working with previously. I would like to thank Hilton for their hospitality and playing the games in a sporting way – they don’t make the decisions :-).



by Peter Scherer

Mickleover Reserves came out on top of a local Derby with a home victory against  Hilton Harriers, after two first half goals gave them three more points in their Central Midlands League South Division campaign.

Mickleover’s starting line was 1-Tom Smith 2-Larrel King 3-Ben Lewin 4-Marcus Calderone 5-Gus Williamson 6-Tom Eccleshall 7-Lopes Massampo 18-Will Monteiro 9-Jude Ayetine 10-Surafel Tefera 11-Mathew Feurtado. Subs: Clinton Morrison, Cameron Anthony, Aaron Hayer.

The opening 10 minutes were end to end with neither side having any clear cut chances. But on 11 minutes Tefera was tripped just inside the box and after receiving treatment, took the penalty himself which was well saved by Hilton keeper Harry Wood.

Jim Rushby then weighed in for Hilton with a long shot just over the bar, before Eccleshall scored for Mickleover in the 18th minute, only for the referee to change his mind and give a free kick, after a very delayed offside decision, when the players had already lined up for the restart.

Ayetine had a good shot from outside the area four minutes later earning a corner, before a Rushby header for Hilton was just over after connecting with a cross from the left.

Wing backs King and Lewin were both working well on the overlaps and providing plenty of service into the area for Mickleover, but goalkeeper Wood had most of it covered.

Karl Chadwick tried his luck for Hilton and wasn’t far off target, followed a few minutes later by another good effort from Rushby, as Hilton continued to favour the long shot from outside the area.

After 37 minutes Monteiro found himself one on one with keeper Wood, successfully rounding him to open the scoring 1-0.

Hilton came straight back with a wide shot from Chris Smith, before King had a shot blocked for Mickleover from Feurtado’s cross.

Massampo found himself in the referee’s book after halting a 40th minute break for Hilton, but a minute later Mickleover were awarded a second penalty, when Chris Martin tripped Monteiro from behind as he headed for goal. This time Tefera made no mistake, 2-0.

Mickleover earned another corner before half time when a King run found Monteiro again, but his shot was blocked. Then Fuertado put a dangerous ball into the Hilton box, with Calderone’s header going out for a corner.

So it was 2-0 officially, but could have been four, although Hilton had continued to show some danger on the breaks too, making sure that Williamson and Calderone were kept busy in central defence.

Mickleover started to push hard again as soon as the second half kicked off, with Monteiro holding a long ball well from King after five minutes, but his attempts to shoot were blocked.

But Smith quickly responded for Hilton again and after jinking his way through the early defence, his shot was just over.

As in the first half it continued end to end and after 54 minutes, Monteiro’s charge was halted by Wood advancing from his line to snatch the ball from the Mickleover striker’s foot.

The ball then bounced around the area for a while before Ayetine was blocked and lost possession.

55 minutes gone and Morrison was on for Calderone, just before Fuertado managed to get a good shot in through a crowded area.

Hilton had their own penalty claims waved away after a challenge from Sports keeper Smith, but it was so nearly a third goal when Tefera’s shot hit Jake Atkinson very hard at point blank range as he stood on the line, after another strong run down the left from Fuertado.

Rushby again threatened for Hilton, with a 66th minute shot after a free kick.

Anthony then came on for Fuertado, before another King run down the right provided a telling cross, which Monteiro put against the right hand post.

Goals could still come from either side, despite changes in tactics from both sides. Ayetine was hauled back by his shirt after chasing a long ball from Williamson and then King had a wild shot himself.

Then Hilton’s Tom Rushby managed to find some space to fire in as hot, just wide of Smith’s left hand post.

Assistant coach Hayer was the next sub as he came on for Lewin, but shortly afterwards skipper Williamson found himself yellow carded.

Hayer had a shot which landed on the roof of the net after 84 minutes and a later Hilton header went straight into Smith’s arms.

As the full time whistle beckoned, Ayetine had a shot deflected out for a corner, but Hayer’s ball into the area had no one on the receiving end.

So it remained a hard fought 2-0 victory, against a tough Hilton side, who despite going behind, continued to push forward right to the end of the game.



by Dave Mackenzie, Reserves Manager

An extremely youthful reserve team with an average age of 17 and three quarters took the trip up the A38 to face an established and well-seasoned Pinxton eleven. 

The trip was a bit too far for one car with Larrel King’s deciding that the hill over Little Eaton was a gradient too far. Unfortunately, this meant a bit of a shuffle with Lopes Massampo moving to right-back and Matt Feurtado coming off the bench. 

The starting eleven were Tom Smith, Lopes Massampo, Marcus Calderone, Patrick Pugh, Tom Eccleshall. Louis Pennington, Matt Feurtado, Surafel Tefera, Bobby Battisson, Will Monteiro and Jude Ayetine. Set up with a back four, diamond and front two.

With such a youthful side fitness or lack of caused by the Lockdown wasn’t an issue, however not being in a match situation for a while certainly played a part in our demise. 

Having sustained a couple of corners and a free-kick that looked as though it crossed the line, from a central position.  We then allowed another short corner played to the full-back, whose cross resulted in the first goal. 

The second goal came from another rash challenge, central again and again about 20 yards out. 

Unfortunately our wall was set up the wrong way round, which would explain why the taker was able to get it over the wall and into Tm Smith’s right-hand corner. The tallest player should be on the outside!

Both goals would have probably been prevented if we had had more match play.

Despite the disappointment, the team deserve great credit by playing their way back into the game and creating several chances the best of which resulted in an excellent goal line clearance by the centre half when the goalkeeper was beaten. 

The game now had a really good flow to it although the man with the whistle was able to conjure up some unfathomable decisions. The worst being when Monteiro was tackled from the side, turned and fell backwards over the defender who had made the challenge. The free-kick went against us.

At the start of the second have we were forced into further changes with Calderone struggling having been out for some time. This allowed Larrel King to be brought in at right-back, which immediately gave us results with his speed down the right and some quality delivery. 

On another day Monteiro would have bagged a hat trick, and the time when he did get the ball in the net he was pulled up correctly for offside. 

Chances continued to be made and Fin Barker’s first involvement was dinking the ball past the full-back and sprinting down the wing, but unfortunately again we failed to finish off the quality of the delivery.

Just as we were really turning the screw a long ball wasn’t dealt with and their #7 coolly beat Pat Pugh before finishing well.

Even at 3-0 the team still fought to get an elusive goal which didn’t come despite the good build-up. This was due to a mix of very good defending from Pinxton, taking one or two extra touches or not quite getting a good enough connection on the shot.

Overall the disappointment was the naivety in allowing them the chances and not converting any of the chances from excellent linking play.



by Peter Scherer

Mickleover FC Reserves resume their Central Midlands League South Division campaign on Thursday evening with a home game against Holbrook Sports.

Mickleover’s last match was on October 17th when they beat Nottingham 3-1 at home.

Thursday’s visitors have played under their current name since 2010, having been formerly Holbrook Miners Welfare.

Holbrook have only played three league game so far this season and currently lie 10th in the table. Their one win came at Teversal 2-1, having suffered home defeats to both Rowsley 86 and Mansfield Hosiery.

Mickleover are currently sixth in the table with three wins and a draw, plus the away defeat at Blidworth. But they have been prolific scorers with both Jude Ayetaine and Surf Tefera netting hattricks.

The game kicks off at 7.45, but unfortunately no spectators are allowed. We will endeavour to bring a half time and full time summary on the Mickleover FC Facebook page, plus a full report with pictures on Friday.



by David Mackenzie
Mickleover FC, Reserves Manager

Mickleover FC Reserves 3 Nottingham 1

The Reserves got back to winning ways on Saturday against a dogged Nottingham FC side who fought until the final whistle.

The hardest part though was getting people conform to the guidelines put in place to keep people safe and separated for as much as possible.

The team went out with instructions to start with a high tempo and in the first 10 minutes had four really good chances to take the lead. 

Will Monterio back in action after 6 months got into some excellent positions and was unlucky on a couple of occasions. 

With Clinton Morrison pulling the strings in midfield ably aided by wee Louis Pennington and the two full backs Lopes Massampo and Tom Etheridge raiding down the flanks, it wasn’t long before the deadlock was broken. a good move was finished off with a crisp strike by Jude Ayetine. Unfortunately, the tempo dropped and some of the passing was not of the usual standard, and the half finished with no further damage to either teams defences.

The words at half time were that an improvement was needed as Nottingham had shown that they had some quality and could hurt us if we didn’t respond.

The play improved somewhat and from one of several corners we netted again.

The ball from the corner was low across the box, about 3 yards out and clever movement from Bobby Battison tricked their keeper, as he dummied the ball allowing it to reach Jude at the back post for a clinical finish.

It was good to have Bobby back from injury and his introduction brought a higher level of energy and intensity.

A third goal was on the cards and it duly arrived via the cultured left foot of Adam Prusa. He gathered the ball on our right about four yards outside the box and drove into the box sidestepping a challenge and the curving the ball delightfully around the next defender and into the far corner of the net.

That should have been game, set and match however Nottingham’s left winger had other ideas, stepping past two players, he was central and about 20 yards out when he unleashed a screamer that left Tom Smith with no chance.

Overall a decent performance from the aforementioned players with the central defence of Clarence (baldy) Clark and Gus Williamson solid. 

MOTM came from the high energy and quality of Lopes Massampo playing at right back due to illness to Larrrel King.

They now move up to sixth in the Central Midlands League South Division and are next in action away to Arnold on Tuesday 27th.



by Dave Mackenzie
Mickleover FC
Reserves Manager

The reserves made the shortish trip across to Robin Hood country on Saturday and took part in an exciting and enthralling game against Blidworth Welfare. 

Blidworth’s pitch looked a picture from the high vantage point of the changing rooms (there are 43 steps down to the pitch). It is a good sized pitch with a lovely lush surface albeit the grass could be doing with a trim.

There was an enforced change before kick off when Bobby Battison pulled up with a groin strain during the warm up. This allowed us to start Mat Fuetardo an ex Chesterfield Academy player as a direct replacement.

The first half was fairly even although we suffered another blow when Elliot Murray landed badly and ‘popped’ his knee. Luckily the team Captain, Gus Williamson was on the bench having himself come back from an ankle injury.

We had the ball in the net twice in the first half but the linesmen deemed players to be offside although the ball had come off the defender in one instance and it would be churlish to claim that it was definitely deliberate.

Towards the end of the half things got a bit tousy and we were on the receiving end of three bookings. The first Surafel Tefera was impeded going passed a player, which meant that the ball ran away and he overstretched, fouling a player. 

The second booking was for stupidly running across the ball as a free-kick was being taken, and the third could have been a straight red!!! 

Having said that we were on the receiving end of two rash tackles early on that went unbooked!

Tom Smith had to look lively on an occasion to save a header, but apart from that was untroubled. 

There wasn’t much goalmouth action at the other end as we were too short with balls over their high backline, or when we did get it right we found their goalkeeper in good form with a couple of really good anticipated clearances.

We were much improved in the second half and had most of the play resulting only in a series of corners and a number of shots that were high or wide and not handsome.

The breakthrough came when a Blidworth defender tried to stop a mazy run by Jude Ayetine, only for the attempted tackle to place the ball neatly to the right of the keeper and just inside the post. 

With maybe 12 minutes remaining this should have been the motivation to shut up shop, but unfortunately we lost some of the composure that enabled us to take the lead. 

After several attempts to clear failed, Blidworth’s Paul Revuelta took his chance well with a low shot. Worse was to follow as after we failed to clear our lines from a corner and Scott Taylor made a good connection firing the ball low into the right-hand side of our goal. 

Blidworth should be congratulated for turning around a game that looked to be out of their grasp after the first goal. 

However they may have been helped when the referee stopped a very promising attack to bring back the play to book a player who committed a foul after the pass was made. 

Mat received the pass and was unmarked at the left edge of their penalty box).

After the game, the referee said he had to stop the game or he couldn’t book the player – not true. He could have let the move continue and booked the player when the ball next went out of play. We may or may not have scored if advantage had been played but it certainly disadvantaged us!

Next up, we welcome what we hope are a healthy Nottingham side to the Don Amott next Saturday with a 3pm kick off.


by Peter Scherer

Mickleover Reserves suffered their first defeat of the season, going down 2-0 to a strong Melbourne Dynamo team in the Central Midlands League Cup.

It was raining for most of the game, but it was a fairly even first half, with few chances for either side and most of the play centred around the middle.

Isaac Gosling opened the scoring for the home side in the second half, but the game had suddenly livened up and it became an end to end Cup tie.

While Mickleover went after the equaliser, it was Melbourne who were on the score sheet again, with Jack Bodill scoring as the game ended in a 2-0 defeat.



by Peter Scherer

Only two days after beating Ashland Rovers 4-0, Mickleover FC Reserves hit Mansfield Hosiery Mills with another 4-1 victory.

It was already 3-0 at half time, before make it four in the second half. But the clean-sheet hopes were dashed when the home side were awarded a penalty with 10 minutes to go, making it 4-1 to Sports.

Surf Tefera was on the mark again with two goals and, while Tom Eccleshall and Fin Davies scored the others.

They now lie third in the league table after three games, having scored 12 goals and conceded five, levels on points with Pinxton and two behind Rowsley 86.

Next game is on Saturday when they faced Melbourne Dynamo away in the League Cup, before returning to League action a week later at Blidworth.



by Peter Scherer

Straight off the back of last Saturday’s 4-4 draw at Linby, Mickleover FC Reserves were in sparkling form, with a comfortable 4-0 home win against Ashland Rovers, their first home game in the Central Midlands Premier League South.

1-Tom Smith 2-Larrel King 3-Tom Eccleshall 4-Loluis Pennington 5-Pablo Mills 6-Clarence Clark 7-Bobby Battison 8-Clinton Morrison 9-Jude Ayetaine 10-Surafel Tefera 11-Josh Satchwell Subs- Lopes Massampo, Jacob Edge-Lucas, Ben Lewin, Fin Davies, Archie Williams

Satchwell was on the attack from the kick off, bursting through Ashland’s defence, before Ayetaine’s following shot was blocked.

Clark almost got the home defence in trouble with a poor clearance, but the visiting attack failed to maximise their chance and then wasted the follow-up corner.

But Sports went straight back into full attack and after Satchwell had another shot straight at the keeper, then a sprinting overlap from King down the right, saw Ayetaine take his chance on four minutes 1-0.

It was obvious that the Ashland defence was struggling and only a minute after the opening goal, Battison, Ayetaine and Tefera combined for another possible opportunity.

Morrison was controlling the midfield, supported by the youthful exuberance of Pennington and Battison, and it was a long ball from the former Irish International that started a move between Satchwell and Battison, before his shot on the return was saved.

The chances were coming thick and fast and after 11 minutes Ayetaine got his second from a Satchwell pass, as the striker was left with time and space.

Ashland had their first real shot two minutes later, followed by a long clearance from keeper Smith and more pressure for the visitors defence.

But Sports solid defence of Mills, Clark and Eccleshall copes relatively easily with Ashland’s attack.

Morrison had another free kick blocked before Ashland fire another shot over the Mickleover bar.

But King’s overlapping runs were reeking having for the visitors down the right. Satchwell put the wing back through but the keeper intercepted and just before the half hour mark Ashland had a couple of free kicks, one straight into Smith’s waiting arms and a second well off target.

33 minutes in and it was 3-0, again an overlapping run beating the defence, who spent more time shouting and appealing than defending, leaving Satchwell to bury it in the back of the net.

The rest of the first half was very one sided, Tefera found space but shot straight at the keeper, Battison went close when the keeper charged out and missed the ball and then Ayetaine was tripped on the edge of the box, with Mills free kick taken by the keeper.

It was 3-0 at half time but could have easily been five, with Ashland looking disjointed in defence and midfield, leaving their strikers with little service.

At the start of the second half the visitors seem to have settled for a while, before Battison carved through the middle and was tripped, but no free kick.

The young teen was back again, sending Satchwell through with a shot that hit the left hand post and went out.

Mickleover were back in the ascendancy and after 59 mins a great ball from Satchwell to Ayetaine, found Tefera, whose shot was just wide.

A couple of minutes later the visiting defence survived a barrage of attacks, with the ball bouncing around the box, as Battison, Ayetaine, Tefera and Satchwell all tried getting shots in as they bounced off defenders legs.

Sports made their first change when Davies came on for Morrison after 64 mins. 

King continued to frequently outrun the defence, as their constant offside appeals and bickering became tiresome.

At times it was like shooting practice, but after King was tripped in the area, Sports were awarded a penalty  and Ayetaine put it home for his hattrick and 4-0.

Satchwell and Mills came off before the end, replaced by Williams and Lewin, but the night belonged to the whole team, a magnificent start to their new home league campaign.

They are back in action again tomorrow, away to Mansfield Hosiery Mills, kick off 3pm.

The hosts beat Holbrook Sports 2-0 at home last Saturday 2-0, before going down 0-1 at South Normanton Athletic on Tuesday evening.

Mickleover are currently fourth in the table and Mansfield are seventh.

by Peter Scherer

With 10 friendly matches behind them in pre-season, Mickleover FC Reserves begin their first season in the Central Midlands League South Division with a tough match away at Linby on Saturday.

Formed as a colliery team back in 1892 Linby finished fifth in last years abandoned season, having finished on a run of 14 games unbeaten from October.

Manager Andy Tring has made it clear that their aim is promotion this year and has strengthened his squad over the summer.

They have played five friendly matches, losing 5-1 against Heanor Town last Saturday.

Kick off is at Church Lane 3pm.

This is the first of three games in eight days, as they welcome Ashland Rovers to the Don Amott Arena on Thursday 17th, before visiting Mansfield Hosiery Mills on Saturday 19th.

Everyone wishes David Mackenzie, Aaron Hayer and the team a successful season.



Coming off the back of an excellent 3-0 win against Radford from a step above, we travelled up the road to Clay Cross to play the local team who were runners up in their league last year.


On a drizzly bleak austere evening, we saw a terrific game of football including a goal so good it was reminiscent of the great Carlos Alberto in Mexico 1972.

Clay Cross started well with attacks down both wings with their pacey wide men and we did well to keep them at bay, but went 1-0 down after a short pass didn’t reach Clinton Morrison and despite a couple of good tackles the ball broke to a Clay Cross player who did a grubber into the corner of the net.

Rather than go through all the incidents including great goals from Surfafel Tefera, Larrel and new boy Archie, I’ll concentrate on two game-changing incidents.

As the half-hour approached and we were getting into the ascendancy through structure and passing, a Clay Cross player was seen to be lying prostrate in their box just on the penalty box. The ball was near the touchline on our attacking right. The game stopped and there was a wee bit of altercation with the usual intrusive pushes and finger-pointing.

During this time the Clay Cross player remained decumbent – it looked serious!  The referee obviously didn’t see what happened and began his investigations by interviewing the first witness the far side linesman. “Didn’t see nufink guv” was the response so the next port of call was to the far far far away linesman. The interrogation took place fairly close to where we were on the touchline, and there was a lot of nodding and head shaking so it looked like the probing was going to provide a result. I had a feeling that it wasn’t going to be good as whilst the first interrogation was going on, one of their subs – who was sitting in the dugout with his 2 well built managers in front of him was expounding on what had happened. “A Mickleover player punched our player off the ball with a right hook.” 

This is verbatum what the linesman repeated to me as we went off at half time. If the linesman had seen what had happened he would have been waving his flag like one of the demented at the Nuremberg Rally! The result was that our complement was reduced to 10.

What followed was a superb display of positional awareness and commitment. The shape of the team was scintillating with Clinton being the glue that held us all together.

The second incident was as good a goal that you would have seen for many a season. Playing the lone man up top Surf broke away from the halfway line past a defender and drove on in a central position to the goal, as he pushed on he attracted 3 defenders to him both full backs and the guy who had been comatose 10 minutes earlier. 

What this did was to leave a space on their left flank for us to exploit and boy oh f’n boy did Clarence Clark exploit it. He sprinted circa 53 yards and when he was spotted by Surf, the ball was rolled (a la Pele) into the path of the marauding central defender from Phoenix Arizona who took a deft touch before dispatching the ball to its place of rest with a thunderous drive!

Although we lost on the scoreline we won on the gameplay as they scored their last 2 goals from corners, after we had to take off Gus Williamson as the drizzle was messing with his dreads.

 Also of note is that Kiran Sanghera our keeper got caught by a tackle fairly early on and was in pain for most of the game.

An interesting aside was the linesman’s vision and perception when Josh Satchwell was bearing down on goal and was stronger than the defender, who then fell, with the linesman giving a foul against Josh, indicating that he had used and elbow. If Josh had done so, the linesman couldn’t have seen it because the defender was in his way!!!!!!



Dunkirk came out of the blocks well and forced a couple of early corners. However the well organised defending set up repelled them and although Tom Smith in our goal made a couple of stops they were nothing to really bother a keeper of his stature.

After that flurry we started to get into the game, with Dunkirks favourite way to retain possession was to fall down – the number 6 was particularly adept at this tactic.

We should have scored the opener but their keeper made a good save from Jude Ayetine in a one on one situation – if only the keeper had known about Jude’s wicked right hook we would have scored because he would have shat himself.

Dunkirk opened the scoring after we gave the ball away with a Hollywood pass that turned into a nightmare on Elm Street. The problem with these passes that don’t come off is that invariably four of your teammates get caught the wrong side of the ball.

Not long after we had to make a couple of changes. Kyle thought his back was sore and Jude hadn’t punched anyone for 30 minutes.

Down 1-0 at half time we had to be resolute, stand strong and defend like dervishes.

The defence at this time was immense restricting Dunkirk to some long shots and Tom only had one save second half.

We got an equaliser after some sustained pressure with Surf finishing with aplomb.

We made some more changes and the defence stood tall and resolute and on the attack, we could have had a couple with young Finn Barker skinning the centre half like a haddock before making a great connection, hitting a shot millimetres wide of the corner flag. Great skills form the young man.

We now move forward to the league opener at Linby Miners. Glad we play them first because they will get older the longer the season goes,

I have to thank Aaron Hayer for a fabulous job setting up all of these games and his great work at training.

We are still needing funding and please if you can go on the website

Mickleover F.C.
Reserves Manager




A look back at the season our reserves team had, through the eyes of manager Dave Mackenzie…

As we speak/read this, the season has ground to a halt due to this horrendous virus and there will be no cup final and no chance of a league title or President’s Cup however as we stand and as far as I am aware we haven’t had any casualties and hopefully if people keep distancing themselves and stay indoors there will be light at the end of the tunnel and we can all look forward to carrying on again next season.

There is a lot to look forward to with the majority of the squad being under 21 they all have the chance at a decent footballing career ahead.

It’s almost nine months since our first training session at Allestree Rec and our first major setback. I got injured! We had 17 players and for one of the exercises we needed to work in three’s. It was a drill that I picked up from the Australian Sprint Coaching team – it basically involved throwing the ball five yards and following it to receive the next throw and rotating. I stood in a divot and went over on my ankle – the crack could be heard in Mickleover. What it meant is that I have not been able to join in anything as I still cannot kick a ball without pain in my right leg. The good news is that I have changed my Physio and she has given me different exercises so I should be good to go in June/July/August.

My inability, sorry disability, didn’t have much effect on the team (probably improved their chances) as the gaffer brought in Aaron Hayer to assist with coaching and running the team. After the last couple of years I would have taken Jim Fallon. Who?

Statistics are not the only way to judge a manager, but if they were, Dumbarton’s Jim Fallon would have an unmovable grip on the worst manager crown. The club’s 1995-96 record makes horrific reading: played 36, won three, drawn two, lost 31. Then consider that two of the wins came in the opening two games, before they appointed Fallon. A record of 0.147 points per match convinced the board he deserved another crack the following season. He’s now a physio. (That would have helped me more to be fair)

Aaron has been a tremendous asset with an infectious enthusiasm and excellent training sessions and he has a great thirst for learning – is absolute mince at substitutions but one slight fault aint bad!

We were also pleased to welcome Fran Fuller as secretary and I have to say that during this enforced rest I haven’t missed the 23 weekly e-mails. Again she has taken a load of work of me allowing me to do what I’m good at – the square root of ……… all!

And so to the season – if I get a few facts wrong or embellish a wee bit that is my prerogative.

We used 41 players in 26 (2 were abandoned. Was this an overspill from Hot Summer Nights?) Games. 7 of those however played in only one game. One of those was Kyle Lambert, remember him? Ex Notts Forest and Norwich. After he played for us in the League Cup we were EX that competition, as he needed to have been signed seven days before. We beat Linby’s first team 4 -1 and to be fair we could have done that without the lad.

The league season had a stuttering start due to a lack of fixtures but we soon clocked up five straight wins with 24 goals scored and four against. 12 points in the league and three points in the pointless, sorry, President’s Cup.

We then had a Phoenix Trophies Cup tie that had the most missed chances in a game that I can remember – we absolutely battered them so much so they wouldn’t have been out of place (plaice) sitting on the hot shelf in Toni’s Fish Bar. A 1-4 reversal was the final score. As the great Jimmy Greaves would say “Mines a Vodka”.

Like all good teams, after a loss you are desperate for the next game to bounce back. Well we didn’t quite bounce more boomeranged all the way to a 2-1 reversal at Cromford. Two big factors were the long ball tactics of Cromford and Wirksworth (unfair playing two teams. No?) and the fact that I was in Scotland at my works Christmas Dinner. Two successive years I have gone to that ‘do’ and 2 defeats, so pay attention people what does that tell you?

So being a good team the next game came sooner – on the Thursday, so we had the chance to bounce back, but along came Kyle Lambert (remember him?) We bounced out that cup too, due to me attending the Tony Shaw School of registering/playing players.

We then had to wait just over two weeks to get the real chance to bounce back properly and the opponents from Stapenhill FC set us a decent challenge which we took skelping them 5 – zero.

Next up was a double header against Long Eaton United whom we had played earlier in the season winning 2 – 0. They were probably the best footballing side we played so we had to be on it, to ensure we got through the Derbyshire Cup Tie and then the away league fixture.

In the cup tie we were down 2-0 at half time. I always say that 2 – 0 is a bad score – unless it’s you that’s winning 2 – 0. The team winning think the games won and as long as you score the next goal the momentum is then with you.  We ran out 3-2 winners and LEU would probably be a tad aggrieved.

I have at least two other words of wisdom that players through the years may have heard, such as “the wind has never won a game of football” and “get the f’n ball back!”

The level of aggrievedness by LEU was raised a tad to tadderishly (Very tadded off) after the second league game played on their Astro pitch.

We had taken the lead with a well taken goal by Surf (was going to say that turned the Tide but that would have been a Fairy story) in fact after the goal they turned the screw on us and scored an excellent goal that flew into the net.

They continued to press and only an excellent defensive performance from Tom Eccleshall, Ben Lewin, Jack Smith and Elliot Murray backed up by the substantial frame of Kiran Sangeera kept the score at 1 -1 then Tom struck!

If the ball at their goal flew into the net, Tom Eccleshall’s shot was attached to an Exocet missile (Under 30’s check your history books). The keeper couldn’t even save it on the way out of the net, so that was then followed by two more from Aaron and Keir Sheppard, to give us what looked like a comfortable win but was anything but.

Next up were Melbourne Dynamo away, in the semis of the Derbyshire Cup. We have been in three out of the last four finals. This game was a re-run of the final two years ago and four years ago. On a very windy day the game ended 3 -3 (tell you the wind never wins a game) having done well to come back from 3 – 1 down.

After a good start we conceded two very soft goals and a very very soft goal. The wind blew the ball over Tyreece Robinson and then blew the ball to the side of Kiran, causing a fresh air swipe leaving the wind to blow the ball in the net.

We had Lewis Belgrave to thank for getting us back into the game and then equalising in the second ably assisted by young Clinton Morrison, with two excellent set ups.

In the penalty shootout that followed we invoked the “take it until you score” rule with Tom E missing two then scoring at the third attempt. Something to do with the keeper coming off his line I’m told. There were a couple of misses from both sides but we eventually went through 3 – 2 on penalties giving us another final to look forward to.

Back to the league and a win over Eeeenor before two reversals on the trot – they still hadn’t got the grasp of this bouncing back thing! A loss to FC Sez – what sort of name is that for a football team? Almost as bad as Primrose!!! was, followed by a day out to Bakewell and one of the worst refereeing decisions I’ve witnessed. Well I would have witnessed it if I hadn’t been picking up a water bottle for a wee swally.

I was reliably informed that one of their management then threw said ball 19 meters up the pitch and from that advantage point the ball was thrown to one of their players six yards the other side of the defence, but not offside, to run through and score what turned out to be the winner.

That result really got our gander up and we didn’t just bounce back we bonged, bonged and goosed the teams in the remaining matches in the league. 45 goals scored and six for the bad guys.

This was Aaron, Lewis and myself accepting the “team of the Quarter” award from a league official. This was a better picture than the last one taken for the same award last year. Lewis was in the pic but I so was Danny Davidson – never realised how small I was until then!

We were really hitting the heights as the award would testify. The only reverse was in the Floodlit Cup that had been abandoned (frigging band on the pitch again) after an assault on young Brodie Carter, that wasn’t even deemed a foul by the referee!

In the rearranged game (at Shirebrook) we played some great football and only the irreverent decision making by the referee and linesman kept Pinxton in the game until the game went to penalties.

Unfortunately this set of officials didn’t know the “take until you score rule” and we didn’t get to retake any of the three that we missed. It wasn’t all they forgot. After Elijah had been brought down just outside the box, both ref and linesman forgot who the assailant was and even asked the Pinxton players “Who dun it”?

If I had been a player I would have said it was me and when asked my name I would have said “only kidding”! The two games v Pinxton showed that we were more than capable of competing in the league above and each person that I spoke to after the game (including the ref/linesman) said the result was a travesty.

Anyway, back to the league and the run the lads put in was league winning quality which was helped by Bakewell’s 4 – 3 win against Long Eaton which put us clear at the top. During this period we had become residents at the Uni’ and as such this really benefited the way the lads play their football. On the deck, invariably through the middle, but with pace up top and with decent passers we have the ability to mix things up. An extremely pleasing aspect was the universal compliments the players got from the opposition on their performances. “Best team we have ever played,” was not an uncommon comment. Well done lads.

There were many quality performances, some outstanding and it would be unfair to highlight a single player. Several players are knocking on the door of the first team with Josh Satchwell, not only getting first team time but also going down to Coventry City for a weeks trial. The other youngsters from the Academy, Ben Lewin, Joe Hopkins, Brodie Carter and Elliot Murray showed up well plus Finlay Barker and Luke Quinn at 16 look very promising.

We have had the benefit of having several Derby Uni players with Lopes Massumpo being a great asset along with Lewis Belgrave and Tom Eccleshall, plus the likes of Juri Boula and Tomas Junek showing the quality that they have in abundance.

Keir Sheppard, was an unsung member of the team and a great linesman. Like I said I’m not going to mention one player, so I better finish with the guys outside the education system. Kiranpreet Sanghera was with us back when Dave Chambers had a pair of boots and Charlie Palmer was scaring the wits out of the under 19 midweek team at the time, Surafel (Surf) has got some great qualities and great feet, Fin Davies continues to be a first pick, Kyle Clarke is another who has great quality that saw him move to Dunkirk. He’s seen the film and fancied the beach. It was great to see wee Gus Williamson – not the quickest off the mark but when he gets going he devours the ground and like Biggles is great in the air – coming back after a bad ankle injury.

You may think that I’ve mentioned everyone but a special mention should be made for Talk Radio’s star performer – Mike Parry! Actually it’s Clinton Morrison – don’t know how he gets a job that involves talking – he even takes it into matches. He’s had discussions with referees, opponents, opponent’s bench, opponent’s fans and the occasional word of wisdom to team mates and management. What he does show is the simplicity of the game, the first time pass, because he’s a step or two ahead, the subtle change of direction or stopping to create space, the pace – ooops that’s going a bit too far!

One of the great things about Mickleover Sports is that the reserves have the opportunity to learn from, and pick the brains of some great ex pro’s the likes of Pablo, the gaffer, Rick and Clinton who are only too delighted to pass on tips and information that would help a players development. Use them guys!!

Finally, thanks again to Aaron, or as I call him now “goalscorer supreme” (His goal at Long Eaton was a fantastic piece of skill. Listening skill that is. I shouted for him to get away from where he was, somewhere at the far touchline, and get around the back post which he did, and when the ball also arrived, as I predicted, he finished with aplomb).

I wish everyone at the club, the committee, Gav and Sharon, Dan the groundsman, the supporters, the coaching staff and all the players and all your families a safe spring and summer and hope to see you all next season.

Reserves Manager
Mickleover Sports Club

Don Amott Arena