Don Amott Parks sponsors Mickleover Sports TV


Don Amott Parks (Mickleover Chairman Don Amott) have kindly agreed to sponsor the new Youtube Channel for Mickleover Sports called, “Mickleover Sports TV”. This agreement also includes Sponsorship of the new monthly online show called “Sports Report” which will be uploaded on the 1st of every month. More information about Sports Report will be announced soon. Don Amott Parks logo will be displayed on all future content going forward.


The Sponsorship agreement includes the funds to purchase a new camera which will provide new Press & Media Officers, Sam & Kerry Goldsworthy, with better equipment to create, edit and produce better and more professionally looking content for Mickleover Sports TV as well as the Twitter and Facebook accounts.


Sam Goldsworthy, Press & Media Officer for Mickleover Sports said,

Myself and Kerry want to thank Don and Don Amott Parks for agreeing to sponsor the new Youtube Channel we have set up with the help of current Video Analyst Jake Garratt and giving us the funds to buy a new camera which will help us out massively with being able to record the most professional and effective content going forward. I am looking forward to recording our new monthly show, “Sports Report” which will provide something a little bit different and I can’t wait to show everyone my ideas for this project.

Supporters can Subscribe to Mickleover Sports TV on the following link, which will provide match highlights, pre match & post match interviews as well as Sports Report, down below…

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