A Message from Club Treasurer Neil Hadfield

Last Night I met at the club with Vic Handley. I have known Vic for sometime now as a supporter of the club and through his work with the Umbrella Charity.

The reason I met with Vic was to look at a space for him to bring along a boat to the Kettering Town game. Not just any boat this is a boat that Vic will call home for 3 months as he attempts to complete the toughest rowing challenge in the world. Vic is going to Row solo across the Atlantic. He will leave from La Gomera in the Canary Islands and row to Antigua. A mere 3000 miles.

The ambition is to raise £200,000 for his chosen charities.

Having met Vic in the past and knowing a little bit about him, successful businessman, keen sportsman, who entered the boxing ring for the first time at the age of 56. He has also rediscovered his love of football through playing walking football. Vic being Vic this was not just at any level, he has represented England at the age of 65 and has also very proudly captained the England side on two occasions. I have no doubt that this challenge, though daunting, will be met with his usual determination.

Last nights weather was not the best and it was in driving rain that Vic and myself measured out the area that we hope to place his boat at the Kettering game. We chatted for a short while about the challenge ahead of him and the club intend to get fully behind Vics latest sporting challenge.

Vic will be at the game against Kettering Town on the 24th Feb along with his boat. I encourage everyone to stop and have a chat with him and wish him all the best. Maybe even put a donation to his effort?

For more information on this amazing man and the challenge ahead of him please visit www.vicsoloatlanticrow.com

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