Allstar Charity Match: NHS Heroes

by Peter Scherer

We have seen the ex Rams player and some of the other celebrities supporting Mickleover Sports NHS Charity match, now we will take a brief look at some of the NHS employees planning to take part too.

Micky Williams works at a porter on the medical assessment unit. He’s 44 and is a Midfielder.

Wayne Morris is a Goalkeeper. He’s a 41 year old pharmacy officer.

Aaron Mannion knows what it’s like to be busy. He’s an A & E assistant and at 24 likes to play Centre Half.

Chris Baker is another porter, but in the medical assessment unit. The 34 year old plays Striker or left Midfield.

James Baker is a porter, and it’s right Midfield or Striker for this 34 year old.

Like Chris Baker, Jake Bloore is another medical assessment porter and this 23 year old prefers playing Right Back.

Kristian Thoresen, aged 28 works as a support manager and he’s a central midfielder.

At 20 Tayler Blount is the youngest player. He’s a health care assistant on ward 307 and plays Striker or Midfield.

Damien Loughery is a health care assistant on the medical assessment unit and has the versatility to play Goalkeeper or Midfield.

Daniel Williams certainly has his ear to the ground as he works as a telecommunications call handler/help desk assistant and this 24 year old is more of a defensive midfielder.

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