Mickleover Sports Res 8-2 Holbrook Sports Res: Match Report

by David Mackenzie, MSC Reserves Manager
Time doesn’t do me any favours. I can hardly remember what happened last week never mind yesterday. However what I do know is that yesterdays performance equalled the best performance of a Mickleover team that I have been lucky enough to be involved in. The previous best was when an U17 team playing in the midweek league (U19’s) beat Burton Albions Academy team 4 or 5 -1.
Just before the game we got the news that their first team game was off and on speaking to their Physio she confirmed that they had brought a good number of them to play us.
Both Aaron and I thought this was a good thing as we would raise our game against better players – this the team did collectively.
I’ll start with the negatives which were the 2 goals we conceded – the first the right winger was given time to come inside and got away a shot from outside the box which Kiran would have saved 9 out of 10 times. The second goal came from us not putting the ball down the right wing despite having 2 chances to do so. The ball got played into the middle where we lost the ball and they broke got a shot away that Kiran saved well but the left winger knocked the ball in from the parry.
For the first 20 minutes or so it was a close game although we created a few chances whilst the defence didn’t allow them any shots on target.
The breakthrough came when Kyle Clarke thundered a shot off the bar and reacting like the good centre forward he is, Jack Thatcher tucked away the rebound.
Lewis Belgrave finished off a good move with a pass into the net from 20 yards – quality. Kyle Clarke decided not to play a 1, 2 off the bar with Jack and finished with aplomb. Then we contrived to miss 3 easy goals with quality football leading to what should have been tap ins. Surf who had missed one of these chances decided to get in on the act pouncing on a slack back pass rounded one player then the keeper and as he was putting the ball in the net the linesman’s flag started waving – a swarm of hornets must have been in the vicinity – the ref just saw the flag and gave offside. Where is VAR when you need it?
The half ended with a thumping right foot shot from Fin Davies about 31 yards out – right in the postage stamp then he clipped a cross in which one of the Holbrook players thought he would show his forwards how they should be doing it.
For the 2nd week we had scored 5 in the first half. The football was tremendous and the team imperious.
As happens the 2nd half was a bit of a drop off and it took them scoring to rile us into a response. We got it through a penalty well dispatched by LB and double from Kyle Clarke who has attracted the attention of Teversal (poor Kyle) The last goal was a thing of beauty and one which if the BBC had been there would feature on MOTD opening credits for ever.
It started with LB controlling a ball that came over his head like he had a magnet and the ball was made of iron. It got moved across and then onto Kyle Teversal Clarke who beat one, he beat 2, he beat 3 then the keeper came out and Kyle waltzed by him before rolling the ball into a gaping net.
Not one player played below their potential!
Kiran the keeper – vocal and commanding Tom Mason – assured and strong in the tackle Jack Smith – you will not pass. Tom Eccleshall – Defend? Attack? – doesn’t matter – does both excellently. Walshy – The Tasmanian Devil – doesn’t get enough credit for his passing ability. Fin Davies – when he does things quick as good a player at Sports. LB – imvho almost as good as me. Wrk rate 100% Quality  95% As good as he has been but fitter. Surf – the best feet in the team is far too kind to the ball in front of goal as a good blooter would result in more goals. Jack Thatcher – his first start this year, works his (well not his, the clubs) socks off. Only failed to hold the ball up and bring in the midfield once. Kyle Clarke – I’m sure he doesn’t know where Teversall is!
Subs – they do a GREAT  job fetching balls etc. The best that can be said is that when Josh Satchwell, Charklie Cotton, and Keir were on, the team performance didn’t dip.

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