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We will always be ‘The Sports’ but now we are Mickleover F.C.

by Peter Scherer

It’s now 72 years since Mickleover Old Boys were originally formed. But after 44 years of Derby Senior League football on their Vicarage Road pitch, Mickleover Sports FC were founded.

The committee had been raising funds for 10 years to enable the new club to progress to it’s current stadium on Station Road.

Originally playing in red and black quartered shirts, the club retained the team colours but changed to a basically red shirt.

On the playing side they progressed through the Central Midlands League, gradually adding extra facilities like floodlights, a grandstand, a pitch perimeter rail.

In 1998/99 they were Central Midlands Champions, moving through the Northern Counties League into the Premier Division, then the Unibond League and the Evostik Northern Premier.

The success on the field and support of the committee and band of volunteers behind the club remain baffled however, as besides the stalwart supporters who have been there through thick and thin, there has been little involvement from the increase in Mickleover’s population, with many new housing developments only a short walk from the teams home ground.

It has been thought that maybe the name itself gave a misleading signal, so this prompted a change of name.

The present football club have now changed it’s name to Mickleover FC, as it was felt that many locals associated the club as a general sports club or even a private club. But by changing the name we are hoping to widen our audience to the whole of the local area, appealing specifically to football enthusiasts,

said Club secretary Tony Shaw.

The newly name MICKLEOVER FC remain a strong community based club though,

We made big strides in the last few years to be a big part of the community, with events such as the Hot August Night, the annual Fireworks night, Sunday Markets, Cinema nights and we will continue to try and grow our support base to progress further,

he added.

Committee member Colin Ford summed things up,

we are now the club of Mickleover and surrounding areas.

So look out for the new club logo as well as the date of the NHS Charity Allstars match and support your own Mickleover football club when we eventually get started in the 2020/2021 season.

We need your support, please help save our club by donating

Thank you to everyone who has already donated, we are nearly 10% towards our goal of £15,000. We are in a situation many grass roots clubs are in due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are ran by volunteers and are left with 8 home fixtures now cancelled and the club closed to the public.
Any amount is greatly appreciated and will all go to the running of this local football club.

Please click the link below to make a donation, or help us by sharing our JustGiving page on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Sports’ Reserves awarded promotion

by David Mackenzie, Reserves Manager

Next season Mickleover FC Reserves will play in the Central Midlands Football League Black Dragon Badges South Division that includes the likes of Pinxton, Swanick and will have local derbies against Holbrook Sports and St Michaels, Hilton Harriers and RBL! This is as a result from having the most points per game in the season just closed.

The reserves home games are played at the Don Amott Arena, Station Road (every alternate Saturday from the first team) and the team comprise of a combination of first-team squad players, academy players and players from the clubs junior pathway (U18’s etc).

The reserves are managed and run by Dave Mackenzie with Aaron Hayer as coach and secretary Fran Fuller.

The move up is great recognition for the lads but it is not without costs. Next season we will be paying for 3 officials for every game, hospitality for every home game plus extra cup games. What this means is we will have to raise an extra £2,000 some of which will come through an increased gate but what would be great would be a specific sponsor. For £1,000 the sponsor will get a board and access to all reserve games.

We are also looking for a kit person and a Physio’. If anyone is interested can they please e-mail

We are nearly 10% towards our goal, please help save our club by donating

Thank you to everyone who has already donated, we are nearly 10% towards our goal of £15,000. We are in a situation many grass roots clubs are in due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

We are ran by volunteers and are left with 8 home fixtures now cancelled and the club closed to the public.
Any amount is greatly appreciated and will all go to the running of this local football club.

Please click the link below to make a donation, or help us by sharing our JustGiving page on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


Sports’ Reserves 2019/20 Season Review

A look back at the season our reserves team had, through the eyes of manager Dave Mackenzie…

As we speak/read this, the season has ground to a halt due to this horrendous virus and there will be no cup final and no chance of a league title or President’s Cup however as we stand and as far as I am aware we haven’t had any casualties and hopefully if people keep distancing themselves and stay indoors there will be light at the end of the tunnel and we can all look forward to carrying on again next season.

There is a lot to look forward to with the majority of the squad being under 21 they all have the chance at a decent footballing career ahead.

It’s almost nine months since our first training session at Allestree Rec and our first major setback. I got injured! We had 17 players and for one of the exercises we needed to work in three’s. It was a drill that I picked up from the Australian Sprint Coaching team – it basically involved throwing the ball five yards and following it to receive the next throw and rotating. I stood in a divot and went over on my ankle – the crack could be heard in Mickleover. What it meant is that I have not been able to join in anything as I still cannot kick a ball without pain in my right leg. The good news is that I have changed my Physio and she has given me different exercises so I should be good to go in June/July/August.

My inability, sorry disability, didn’t have much effect on the team (probably improved their chances) as the gaffer brought in Aaron Hayer to assist with coaching and running the team. After the last couple of years I would have taken Jim Fallon. Who?

Statistics are not the only way to judge a manager, but if they were, Dumbarton’s Jim Fallon would have an unmovable grip on the worst manager crown. The club’s 1995-96 record makes horrific reading: played 36, won three, drawn two, lost 31. Then consider that two of the wins came in the opening two games, before they appointed Fallon. A record of 0.147 points per match convinced the board he deserved another crack the following season. He’s now a physio. (That would have helped me more to be fair)

Aaron has been a tremendous asset with an infectious enthusiasm and excellent training sessions and he has a great thirst for learning – is absolute mince at substitutions but one slight fault aint bad!

We were also pleased to welcome Fran Fuller as secretary and I have to say that during this enforced rest I haven’t missed the 23 weekly e-mails. Again she has taken a load of work of me allowing me to do what I’m good at – the square root of ……… all!

And so to the season – if I get a few facts wrong or embellish a wee bit that is my prerogative.

We used 41 players in 26 (2 were abandoned. Was this an overspill from Hot Summer Nights?) Games. 7 of those however played in only one game. One of those was Kyle Lambert, remember him? Ex Notts Forest and Norwich. After he played for us in the League Cup we were EX that competition, as he needed to have been signed seven days before. We beat Linby’s first team 4 -1 and to be fair we could have done that without the lad.

The league season had a stuttering start due to a lack of fixtures but we soon clocked up five straight wins with 24 goals scored and four against. 12 points in the league and three points in the pointless, sorry, President’s Cup.

We then had a Phoenix Trophies Cup tie that had the most missed chances in a game that I can remember – we absolutely battered them so much so they wouldn’t have been out of place (plaice) sitting on the hot shelf in Toni’s Fish Bar. A 1-4 reversal was the final score. As the great Jimmy Greaves would say “Mines a Vodka”.

Like all good teams, after a loss you are desperate for the next game to bounce back. Well we didn’t quite bounce more boomeranged all the way to a 2-1 reversal at Cromford. Two big factors were the long ball tactics of Cromford and Wirksworth (unfair playing two teams. No?) and the fact that I was in Scotland at my works Christmas Dinner. Two successive years I have gone to that ‘do’ and 2 defeats, so pay attention people what does that tell you?

So being a good team the next game came sooner – on the Thursday, so we had the chance to bounce back, but along came Kyle Lambert (remember him?) We bounced out that cup too, due to me attending the Tony Shaw School of registering/playing players.

We then had to wait just over two weeks to get the real chance to bounce back properly and the opponents from Stapenhill FC set us a decent challenge which we took skelping them 5 – zero.

Next up was a double header against Long Eaton United whom we had played earlier in the season winning 2 – 0. They were probably the best footballing side we played so we had to be on it, to ensure we got through the Derbyshire Cup Tie and then the away league fixture.

In the cup tie we were down 2-0 at half time. I always say that 2 – 0 is a bad score – unless it’s you that’s winning 2 – 0. The team winning think the games won and as long as you score the next goal the momentum is then with you.  We ran out 3-2 winners and LEU would probably be a tad aggrieved.

I have at least two other words of wisdom that players through the years may have heard, such as “the wind has never won a game of football” and “get the f’n ball back!”

The level of aggrievedness by LEU was raised a tad to tadderishly (Very tadded off) after the second league game played on their Astro pitch.

We had taken the lead with a well taken goal by Surf (was going to say that turned the Tide but that would have been a Fairy story) in fact after the goal they turned the screw on us and scored an excellent goal that flew into the net.

They continued to press and only an excellent defensive performance from Tom Eccleshall, Ben Lewin, Jack Smith and Elliot Murray backed up by the substantial frame of Kiran Sangeera kept the score at 1 -1 then Tom struck!

If the ball at their goal flew into the net, Tom Eccleshall’s shot was attached to an Exocet missile (Under 30’s check your history books). The keeper couldn’t even save it on the way out of the net, so that was then followed by two more from Aaron and Keir Sheppard, to give us what looked like a comfortable win but was anything but.

Next up were Melbourne Dynamo away, in the semis of the Derbyshire Cup. We have been in three out of the last four finals. This game was a re-run of the final two years ago and four years ago. On a very windy day the game ended 3 -3 (tell you the wind never wins a game) having done well to come back from 3 – 1 down.

After a good start we conceded two very soft goals and a very very soft goal. The wind blew the ball over Tyreece Robinson and then blew the ball to the side of Kiran, causing a fresh air swipe leaving the wind to blow the ball in the net.

We had Lewis Belgrave to thank for getting us back into the game and then equalising in the second ably assisted by young Clinton Morrison, with two excellent set ups.

In the penalty shootout that followed we invoked the “take it until you score” rule with Tom E missing two then scoring at the third attempt. Something to do with the keeper coming off his line I’m told. There were a couple of misses from both sides but we eventually went through 3 – 2 on penalties giving us another final to look forward to.

Back to the league and a win over Eeeenor before two reversals on the trot – they still hadn’t got the grasp of this bouncing back thing! A loss to FC Sez – what sort of name is that for a football team? Almost as bad as Primrose!!! was, followed by a day out to Bakewell and one of the worst refereeing decisions I’ve witnessed. Well I would have witnessed it if I hadn’t been picking up a water bottle for a wee swally.

I was reliably informed that one of their management then threw said ball 19 meters up the pitch and from that advantage point the ball was thrown to one of their players six yards the other side of the defence, but not offside, to run through and score what turned out to be the winner.

That result really got our gander up and we didn’t just bounce back we bonged, bonged and goosed the teams in the remaining matches in the league. 45 goals scored and six for the bad guys.

This was Aaron, Lewis and myself accepting the “team of the Quarter” award from a league official. This was a better picture than the last one taken for the same award last year. Lewis was in the pic but I so was Danny Davidson – never realised how small I was until then!

We were really hitting the heights as the award would testify. The only reverse was in the Floodlit Cup that had been abandoned (frigging band on the pitch again) after an assault on young Brodie Carter, that wasn’t even deemed a foul by the referee!

In the rearranged game (at Shirebrook) we played some great football and only the irreverent decision making by the referee and linesman kept Pinxton in the game until the game went to penalties.

Unfortunately this set of officials didn’t know the “take until you score rule” and we didn’t get to retake any of the three that we missed. It wasn’t all they forgot. After Elijah had been brought down just outside the box, both ref and linesman forgot who the assailant was and even asked the Pinxton players “Who dun it”?

If I had been a player I would have said it was me and when asked my name I would have said “only kidding”! The two games v Pinxton showed that we were more than capable of competing in the league above and each person that I spoke to after the game (including the ref/linesman) said the result was a travesty.

Anyway, back to the league and the run the lads put in was league winning quality which was helped by Bakewell’s 4 – 3 win against Long Eaton which put us clear at the top. During this period we had become residents at the Uni’ and as such this really benefited the way the lads play their football. On the deck, invariably through the middle, but with pace up top and with decent passers we have the ability to mix things up. An extremely pleasing aspect was the universal compliments the players got from the opposition on their performances. “Best team we have ever played,” was not an uncommon comment. Well done lads.

There were many quality performances, some outstanding and it would be unfair to highlight a single player. Several players are knocking on the door of the first team with Josh Satchwell, not only getting first team time but also going down to Coventry City for a weeks trial. The other youngsters from the Academy, Ben Lewin, Joe Hopkins, Brodie Carter and Elliot Murray showed up well plus Finlay Barker and Luke Quinn at 16 look very promising.

We have had the benefit of having several Derby Uni players with Lopes Massumpo being a great asset along with Lewis Belgrave and Tom Eccleshall, plus the likes of Juri Boula and Tomas Junek showing the quality that they have in abundance.

Keir Sheppard, was an unsung member of the team and a great linesman. Like I said I’m not going to mention one player, so I better finish with the guys outside the education system. Kiranpreet Sanghera was with us back when Dave Chambers had a pair of boots and Charlie Palmer was scaring the wits out of the under 19 midweek team at the time, Surafel (Surf) has got some great qualities and great feet, Fin Davies continues to be a first pick, Kyle Clarke is another who has great quality that saw him move to Dunkirk. He’s seen the film and fancied the beach. It was great to see wee Gus Williamson – not the quickest off the mark but when he gets going he devours the ground and like Biggles is great in the air – coming back after a bad ankle injury.

You may think that I’ve mentioned everyone but a special mention should be made for Talk Radio’s star performer – Mike Parry! Actually it’s Clinton Morrison – don’t know how he gets a job that involves talking – he even takes it into matches. He’s had discussions with referees, opponents, opponent’s bench, opponent’s fans and the occasional word of wisdom to team mates and management. What he does show is the simplicity of the game, the first time pass, because he’s a step or two ahead, the subtle change of direction or stopping to create space, the pace – ooops that’s going a bit too far!

One of the great things about Mickleover Sports is that the reserves have the opportunity to learn from, and pick the brains of some great ex pro’s the likes of Pablo, the gaffer, Rick and Clinton who are only too delighted to pass on tips and information that would help a players development. Use them guys!!

Finally, thanks again to Aaron, or as I call him now “goalscorer supreme” (His goal at Long Eaton was a fantastic piece of skill. Listening skill that is. I shouted for him to get away from where he was, somewhere at the far touchline, and get around the back post which he did, and when the ball also arrived, as I predicted, he finished with aplomb).

I wish everyone at the club, the committee, Gav and Sharon, Dan the groundsman, the supporters, the coaching staff and all the players and all your families a safe spring and summer and hope to see you all next season.

Reserves Manager
Mickleover Sports Club

Reserves & Academy Take Massive Victories

by Peter Scherer

After the disappointment of last Thursday’s cup tie defeat to Pinxton, Mickleover Sports Reserves were back in league action yesterday, playing Ripley Town in the Central Midlands Division One (South) match.

With the first team at home, the reserves played on Derby University all weather pitch again.

It was dominant performance, with Tomas Junek, Fin Davies, Fin Barker, Surafel Tefera and Aaron Hayer and a double from Tom Eccleshall, giving sports a resounding 7-0 victory.

They now top the table by five points, with an unbelievable goal difference of +50!!

They are due to play Selston Reserves at home in the Presidents Cup on Thursday, before returning to league action a week later, with Heanor Town Reserves at home.

Not to be outdone, Sports Academy team both had massive wins too last week. 

The Red squad travelled to Belper Town last Wednesday and hit them 7-0. They are points clear at the top, with a +43 goal difference and play again this Wednesday at home to Leek Town.

Just to go one better the Black squad were at home to Ossett Utd and came out 11-0 victors. They are three points off Widnes at the top, but have four games in hand and a considerably better goal difference.

They are back in action too on Wednesday, with the return game at Ossett.

Cup Shoot Out Defeat For Sports Reserves

by Peter Scherer

It was Mickleover Sports Reserves home tie against Pinxton in the second round of the Abacus Floodlit Cup, but having been postponed on numerous occasions, it was switched to Shirebrook FC’s ground.

It was fairly even for the opening minutes, but there was already signs that Sports were in for a tough night, with some stern tackling from the Pinxton defenders.

After six minutes a good through ball gave Surafel Tefera a half chance, before Lewis Belgrave had a shot blocked a few minutes later.

Elijah Fatubarin then got away and was almost on for a one on one with Pinxton’s keeper Liam Power, but Pinxton kept fighting back.

But as the end of the first 15 minutes approached, there was a scramble in the Sports goalmouth and at the second attempt Blount found the back of Kiran Sanghera’s net to give Pinxton the lead.

Pinxton managed to cut off some of sports midfield supply, but in his attempt to break through Tefera was hacked down with a late tackle, but the resultant free kick went straight into Power’s hands.

Finley Davies had a shot from outside the box that was tipped over and a couple of successive corners from Josh Satchwell caused chaos in the Pinxton defence, but they still held out.

Approaching the half hour Lamin Sanyang had a shot just beyond the right hand post, as Sports began to press, which left them vulnerable to a Pinxton break.

As the referee failed to react to some crude tackling, there was a confrontation between the teams and what seemed like an endless discussion.

Tefera almost connected with a through ball after Satchwell had created some space, but there was more chaos when both Tefera and Fatubarin were hacked down as they headed for goal.

It was a free-kick on the edge of the box, which was followed by a good attempt from Belgrave.

Satchwell just lost out chasing the ball on a one on one with Power, before Belgrave had a shot straight at the keeper as the half time whistle beckoned.

Into the second half and Sports began to take charge. Satchwell had an early shot deflected for a corner, but Pinxton came close too when Sanghera was forced to punch clear.

The constant “hand ball” shouts from Pinxton had become rather tiresome, but it only seemed to make Sports even more determined.

The goal scoring chances became more frequent, with Satchwell going close after bursting through the defence and with about 20 minutes on the clock it was Satchwell that grabbed a well-deserved equaliser.

Belgrave had a couple of shots and Fatubarin had some threatening runs. After another late tackle Belgrave rattled the bar from the free kick, but time ran out and it was down to penalties.

Carl Clark put his shot straight at the Pinxton keeper, but Sanghera managed to save their second attempt too. 

After the compulsory five attempts it was 3-3 with Davies, Sanyang and Fatubarin all finding the net, after Ben Lewin’s attempt was saved.

Pinxton’s sixth attempt hit the bar, so Sports just needed to score. Jack Smith’s shot was saved, before both teams scored their next two. 

After Pinxton scored their ninth attempt, Satchwell’s shot was saved and it was game over with Pinxton the victors.

Sports Reserves Take Revenge On Bakewell

by Peter Scherer

Having lost 2-1 away at Bakewell Town a few weeks ago, Mickleover Sports Reserves took revenge in their Central Midlands Division One South match, with a 4-2 win on Derby University’s 3G pitch.

After the initial skirmish, Bakewell had one shot just wide of the right hand post, before Lewis Belgrave opened the scoring for Sports, with a well taken chance.

It was Belgrave that seemed to be causing most trouble to the Bakewell defence, with some good through balls from Clinton Morrison.

Some scrappy defending gave Sports more chances, one straight at the keeper and one just over the bar, both from Belgrave.

But Bakewell began to fight back and Sports keeper Kiran Sanghera had to tip one shot over the bar after about 25 minutes, before a second wild shot cleared the perimeter fence a few minutes later.

With Lamin Sanyang on for Tomas Junek, Sports were on the on the attack again as half time approached. Belgrave put another chance just wide, before Josh Sacchwell had his shot well saved by the Bakewell keeper, as it stayed to 1-0 after the first 45 minutes.

It was full on from the start of the second half though, with the Bakewell defence in chaos. Satchwell was able to pick his spot for Sports second goal, after a good team build up and a few minutes later Surf Tefera made it 3-0, drilling the ball into the right corner.

For a while it looked as if more goals would follow, as Belgrave went close to making it 4-0.  But Bakewell suddenly sprung back into action with two quick goals, which prompted another Sports substitution, as Tom Mason came on.

Bakewell were still fighting hard though and kept Sanghera under pressure, but Sports finally sealed it when Belgrave crossed from the right and Mason made it a secure 4-2 victory.