Gaffer’s Gossip

by Peter Scherer

Top of the League is what all football managers dream of, but only some experience it.

Mickleover gaffer John McGrath takes a look at the present situation.

When we came back to play the Radcliffe game before Christmas, I was optimistic that the season would be able to carry on and finish. But then we had Christmas, new guidelines and we just have to wait to see if the league have any ideas.

Various suggestions have been made about continuing, but with no imminent review due, the future is far from clear.

Split regions, points per game averages have all been discussed.

Whatever happens the pride of topping the league stands prominent.

We have been shooting way above our level, as one of the bottom six or seven budget wise in the whole league.

I wouldn’t have replaced any of the players this year though, as it’s a good blend of youth and experience with a good work rate.

Everyone’s contracts end in May and I am in talks with them all to confirm they will stay with us.

Whether we play again this season or not, it will hopefully be my easiest pre-season yet and I think as a club we are in the best position now since we came here.

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